Food And Lifestyle

Most of the time, we just take our self for granted. Not really thinking about our own health and we just keep doing anything like there’s nothing to worry about in the future. Yes, i can say that because, that’s what i did for the past few years.

I, my self, forget about my health or should i say.. How it is going on for today, tomorrow and on the upcoming days. i just eat anything and keep my tummy buffed at all the times i don’t care about the balance of every meal i am taking inside my body. Looks terrible but, foods were so delicious that i want to taste it all. A year passed and all my colleagues noticing my image getting bigger (Like i’m getting fat for real). I was so happy about it since i am a slim and skinny piece of shit since my secondary high school.

I just eat, sleep and repeat. Everyday..

Now, i am gonna work again and you know if you’re going to work you’ll have to go for a medical examination. Everything was in perfect shape until i found out about my laboratory examination results(blood). I found out that my sgpt and sgot levels were elevated both: sgot 204 / sgpt 264 . I started to panic a little bit because i never had a result like this on my past medical examinations. So there’s the result and the medical clinic instructed me to go to the physician who checked me. And btw, i am on a PENDING remarks on a mark that should be FIT TO WORK thing.

My current physician (Dr. Baylosis) gave me a prescription medication for me to be able to lower my elevated liver enzymes. He gave me a medicine named: Ursomax 300MG and i’m about to take it twice day. One in morning after breakfast and second after dinner before going to sleep.

I’ve seen a large amount of improvement of my elevated enzymes on my last re-test of blood samples, to be specific: sgpt and sgot. From my first sgpt result it was 264 and on my second test it was 159. I’ll be redoing the test after a week and i am hoping for the best result and i am really hoping for a normal level of it so i can finally have a Fit to Work remarks in my medical papers.


The owner of Ervin Soliven website and currently working as a Retention Specialist at Alorica Philippines.