Webhost Server Upgraded and Now Fully Back Online

I am currently using zoom’s UNLI BASIC CLOUD subscription with unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth but ad you can see below the server specifications were pretty limited and kind low as i intentionally did that for a starting server when i opened my blog.

For the record, I recently encountered website slowdowns and some annoying web pauses. I found out that this was caused by the exceeded usage of my CPU usage and RAM usage as per as my current webhost subscription plan quota.

And ofcourse i did a thorough checking on my past resources usage and some other stuffs and i found some of it.

So i decided to do some next level upgrade to cope up with the needed resources for my website as its content continue to grows for sure and it must be matched with a decent server specs to run properly and smoothly. So i asked zoom and they offered me their Business Cloud subscription.

This business cloud storage is not as good as my current plan but it offers a much more stable amount of cpu and ram resources that can keep up the fluidity of my blog. Although i will be kinda downgrading my unlimited storage down to 5GB. It doesn’t matter since the cpu and ram and some features were kinda pimped up better than before. So i confirmed the upgrade and they delivered it to me instantly, here it is

After the upgrade i experienced another issue which made my website inaccessible via web. So i sent another ticket and zoom checked it out for me and they told me they created some adjustments with my plan. 

My website is now backed online with its newest resources upgrade.


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