Ervin HowTos, Tips & Tricks,Tech How To Access PLDT FIBR Router Full Admin Priviledge, Works with AN5506-04-FA RP2616 Models

How To Access PLDT FIBR Router Full Admin Priviledge, Works with AN5506-04-FA RP2616 Models

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By default, PLDT’s admin login have limited access. You can only configure most basic parts of it as PLDT itself locked us out to other functions of their router.

There was a tutorial on how to bypass it and be available to view full admin access, the so called “CurUserType=”2” method but lately it stopped working, i knew it because i already tried it back then and then lately i tried again and it doesn’t work anymore it just shows blank page even tho i followed and executed the correct procedure on how to make it work.

Dont lose hope. Because i discover another method to regain access to specific function and advance settings of our fibr router.

Hidden from the admin webpage are the rest of router capabilities and advanced settings.

You just need to input the correct url of the settings you are looking for and you’ll see it.

Remember that you need to logon first by entering your admin username and password. Also remember that you need to login again if you remain idle for a few minutes because the router will log you out automatically after some time of inactivity.

Below are the links of all web page resources of PLDT Fibr router.

WARNING: Playing around and changing values of routers settings may lead to a network related problems. Proceed with caution and if you really know what you’re doing.

  • After you logged in successfully your router’s admin panel,
    just click the links below to access your hidden restricted router’s feature and functions


Configure DDNS

Enable or Disable DLNA Services

Set host IP to DMZ

Configure Multi NAT

Enable or Disable Samba Service

Network Diagnosis. Ping and Traceroute

Configure Port Forwarding

Configure Port Trigger

Blank Page, Redirection page

Configure UPnP

Help section of router

DHCP Macband

DHCP Portband

Enable/disable DHCP functions, configure param

DHCPv6 portband

Display information about DHCP client, include IP address, MAC address and lease

Configure IPV6 static route

Setup router IP address and subnet mask

Modify PPoE account


WAN Romania – Choose different connection type suitable for your environment. Besides, you may also configure parameters according to the selected connection type (!)


WAN users

View router logs

Configure Admin Account

Configure admin account 2

Configure admin account toacs

Backup several config files from device to PC as you wish after opening the ftp tool

Configure FTP Server

Configure Time

Reboot Router

Restore device configuration

Upgrade router firmware

Modify the ONU authentication-related parameters to authenticate the OLT

Configure ACL enable/disable, and enabled rules

Enable/disable DDOS

Blocking the MAC address to get the DHCP

Configure firewall enable/disable

Enable/disable Https

Filter ipv4 if firewall is enabled

Filter ipv6 if firewall is enabled

Filter mac addresses if firewall is enabled

Filter macv6 addresses if firewall is enabled

Access Parental Control

Configure Anti Port Scan enable/disable

Enable/disable Route QOS

Access the web interface through WAN (!)

Configure Route QOS

Filter urls if firewall is enabled

Configure network access control based on internet WAN port

Configure WPS

Device information

LAN state

Query the state of LAN port

Optical power state

Query information of PON interface

VoIP state

WAN interface state

WAN interface state

Wireless state

Wireless 5GHz state

Configure the url, username, password, connectionRequestUsername, connectionRequestPassword of TR069 basic settings (!)

Configure wireless settings

Configure wireless 5GHz settings

Configure wireless password and encryption

Configure wireless password and encryption

Configure wireless 5GHz password and encryption

WIFI clients list

Set WIFI power and the number of WIFI access here

Set WIFI power and the number of WIFI access here


Resources Files


I don’t make additional changes to prevent myself from fucking up my internet services, no one wants inconvenience right? So basically i only change few things and use few advance settings features such as:



– You can bind other lan ports and wifi SSID to make it work. Basically, you can use lan2-4 and wifi 2-4 2.5G/5G



– Allows you to remotely reboot your router with a single press of button, no more going to the router and pressing the power button and waiting for sometime and powering it up again.

Here you go, i will remind you again. Please refrain messing around to important sections of your router. I am not going to be responsible if you fucked up and experience a service interruptions, so as you get fired at work because you can’t submit your documents to your boss, or got a failing grades to school because you can’t send your requirements to your registrar. I warned you!

By using this method you will also somehow violates PLDT’s terms but i believe that is not the case here. Since i paid for this router i have the full property rights of this instrument and have the rights to gain access to all sections of it. I just really don’t get it why PLDT restricted us, maybe it is because of stupid subscribers who kept on messing around and when they fucked it up they cry to PLDT and keep on asking then to fix it.

There you go, have fun and use it properly. Cheers!

Credits to: kbflo, willerbee,github


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  1. how to access as root or full access, i encounter other links like is disable and i have no access previlage,

    1. Ervin says:

      It should work if you are currently logged in

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