New Oil – Platinum 4T Nitro Review

Hey! Here i am again with another quick review with this motorcycle engine oil that i am currently using.

  • Built in with Turbolube technology to provide fastest engine lubrication

– I agree to this specially on a cold engine start? There’s no hard starting. I just wait for around 30 seconds fastest or 1-2 minutes of warm up and i am good to go. When it comes to lubrication? I noticed something – my gear shifter is now smooth. So smooth like sometimes I am not even hearing any sounds(click) when changing to a different gear, it does have a sound but so soft that you can’t barely hear.

  • Specially engineered to power-up the engine and give unbelievable speed

– I somehow agree to this upon using the oil. Way back with my old engine oil when I am on the almost limit of my RPM with last gear 5th gear. I am having too much vibration with my stock configuration but after changing to this oil the vibration is not that much to notice. The only thing now you can notice is the sound of angry engine giving you a boost of raw power to deliver you to your destination ahead of time.

  • Best in class protection against rust, abrasion, wear & tear for maximum engine life

– Since i just recently use this i have no further proof to back up this claim. But i will update this once i continue and keep using this for an estimated of 5 change oil.

  • Longest change oil interval

– We’ll see! They said this oil will last for 3,000k / 3 months before you need to change the oil inside. I hope it is somehow can offer me a little savings. I don’t really care about money, I care about integrity to their claims on this changing oil thing. If that’s what it is then good. The oil is expensive btw, that’s the reason also why it needs to be longer than usual oil.

I used this engine oil, the Platinum 4T Nitro on my motorcycle named; Greeny

How about you, What’s your current engine oil you’re using? Care to share? And how are you taking good care of your own engine as well.


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