New Web Design and Features, Released!

With the recent upgrade of my website’s server specifications so as it’s core functions and priviledges on server side. I decided to update and change the web design also for this remaining quarter of the year. Given the fact that I am using my old web design from the start I just think that now is the time to change it to a different one and gave it a brand new look. By providing new user interface it is a very good sign that this web is being managed and taken care of carefully. I have been using basic themes so far, as in basic theming set up just to cover up my daily needs and with that being said after reviewing my web statistics I found out that the website is slowly crawling to search engine’s keyword results, and for me it is a very good point to atleast invest another thing to give the website a much more professional looking UI. When it comes to theme of the website, I am thinking of giving it the flat ui and a simple catchy color combination that will surely attract visitors and will have a good time staying and exploring my page. And for the homepage I like homepage with image slides containing all of my blog posts and use their own cover photos as slide images for convenience. You know what I’m saying? Anyways. I know that there’s a lot of developers out there who can help me attain this kind of concept I have in mind. Moving forward, speaking with my new theme now. It is loaded with simple color combinations, with simple navigation interface when you are using mobile view webpages but if you are going to use a desktop view or using a PC it will be a totally different story and view. You can try it and see for yourself. In which I happen to be fallen inlove with this feature, even though there’s a lot of new features and perks I released recently with this massive upgrade and update to my website, A lot more is not yet being used and utilized. To be exact I am not yet maximizing all the web features I currently have now. The reason why I don’t have much time to work on some things here it is because of my work schedule but somehow I still managed to fix some things to clear some blank spaces left and I really hope that you guys love this new update I established for you, my valued readers and followers. See you around!


The owner of Ervin Soliven website and currently working as a Retention Specialist at Alorica Philippines.

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