Ervin Blog,HowTos, Tips & Tricks LATEST HOT!! How To Access PLDT FIBR Router Full Administrator Works with AN5506-04-FA RP2616 Models

LATEST HOT!! How To Access PLDT FIBR Router Full Administrator Works with AN5506-04-FA RP2616 Models

LATEST! I noticed that a lot of people were trying to ask me still how to access pldt fibr full admin priviledge/access, Remember i also made an article which will allows you to access pldt’s hidden  admin panels and function by just directly accessing the link? Here it is: OLD – How to Access PLDT FIBR Router Admin. This trick is still working for me but some netizens sent me a private message and read in pldt fibr facebook group that its not working for them.


This new method allows you to completely have full access anytime you want. Without further ado let’s jump into it, shall we?



Go to PLDT Fibr Home – Router Login Page



Note: Make sure you put /fh at the end of it. Don’t forget!


After that you should be redirected to this page.


2. Type

Username: fiberhomesuperadmin

Password: sfuhgu


3. Click Debug Switch


4. Enable Web Admin Switch



5. Logout


6. Login again, Go to


7. Type

username: adminpldt

password: 6GFJdY4aAuUKJjdtSn7dC2x


8. You will be redirected to a page that says you need to change the password for the first time you will access it, Just change your password to your desired password and you’re good to go.


9. Congrats! Now you have root super administrator access to your PLDT Fiber Router

Note: Everytime you will login always try to use to make sure you are logging to the right page without errors, If you are trying to login but it doesn’t redirect you automatically just REFRESH the webpage by pressing F5 or right click any part of the webpage using your mouse and hit RELOAD.


WARNING: Playing around and changing values of routers settings may lead to a network related problems. Proceed with caution and if you really know what you’re doing.


Here you go, i will remind you again. Please refrain messing around to important sections of your router. I am not going to be responsible if you fucked up and experience a service interruptions, so as you get fired at work because you can’t submit your documents to your boss, or got a failing grades to school because you can’t send your requirements to your registrar. I warned you!










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