17 Hairstyles Which Make You Look Much Younger

1. Light Wave

Wavy hair is associated with youth, but be careful in choosing what kind of waves you’d like to have. Let it be light and soft waves falling down to your shoulders on sides


2. Pixie

Old and respectable pixie style can still add some youth to your appearance. It looks great  even with women in middle age and covers lots of ageing details.


3. Mid-Length Layers

Layers are wonderful, they create unique images and provide pluses for your entire look. Using shiny mid-length hairstyles may take a couple of years off your appearance.


4. Blond highlights around face


Highlighting the face is widely used in the celebrity world. It takes years off your looks and allow you to seem much younger – It’s great for everyday use also.


5. Messy Layers

It’s also a great idea to make the layers look messy. Although, it should be made by stylist in order not to create a look of untidy hair.


6. Short classic blond

Blond hair makes you look younger if you do it wisely. Don’t have your style look too tidy in order to look even younger. It’s widely used by stylists.


7. Simple long style

If you want to keep your natural hair color, make sure you don’t over style it. Simple haircuts are really efficient in making you look much younger.


8. Shoulder length

Short length and couple of layers will make you look younger. One more important thing – it’s very easy to style it to look perfect for any situation


9. Supershort styles

Want to make an even more impressive image? A supershort classic bob hairstyle will help you with this and make it easier to look much fresher and younger.


10. Curly short hair

Strong waves are used by so many celebrities who want to look younger longer. Pay attention to this style if you posses naturally waivy hair.


11. Large waves in the back

Back swept hair is highly popular nowadays. It may be hard to maintain the beauty, so you better go to the best stylist for such hairstyle ideas.


12. Peek-a-boo 

Short (nearly shoulder length) hair will be great for styling. Peek-a-boo seems to be disordered large waves. But everything is in its place in this style.


13. Beach waves with mid length

Mid length is great for making so called beach waves. They make you look much younger and add freshness to your appearance.


14. Light black-swept curls

Light curls are popular and they seem to be flying in the air. Such light styles are great for special events, but for everyday wear, they might be challenging


15. Angled bob holding the chin

It’s a good idea to make your straight hair look like i follows your chin. The hair shouldn’t be too long or too short . An angled bob seems great for such a style


16. Large waves on the side

Move your long slightly curb on one side and youll 10 years or atleasts. Although pay attention to wave size – puffy light curls at least,


17.  Slightly untidy hair

Hairstyles which look a little bit untidy and disordered seem to be the thing of the past. However, some celebs use it successfully and make them look much younger.


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