My Birthday’s Blowout – Thanks Kuya! 🥰

A year passed again and i turned another year into reality, damn! 1 more year was added to my age. LOL. Expected to happen, but, celebrating it was the last thing in my mind for this year. I’ve Been catching up with other things to focus on that’s why i planned to set this aside for the meantime, imagine the moment that my baby will about to turn 1 year old as well by the end of the month and as well as he needs to be baptized.

It was a bit suprising when my brother and her partner pushed this awesome getaway which we really enjoyed, including me especially!! It was fun!!

We first head out to have a lunch together with the whole family – Mama, Me, Kuya, Janine, Sharmaine and Qith. We hit Kuya J’s that time and had our lunch over real quick before rolling into our main destination — Enchanted Kingdom. These few photos were taken back there:

Right after we ate, we head straight to Laguna… Where the real fun begun,

And about an hour or less we arrived at Enchanted Kingdom:

Fuck this Space Shuttle! I almost lost my voice after non stop screaming tho it was fun, really is! As well as the Extreme tower that we used to test right before we head back home.

Few photos and others were chosen not to be shared but behind those was an awesome ride together. I forgot to say thank you personally brother! Sobrang pagod kasi after and puyat pa that time. So… I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for treating me/us out kuya, i really appreciated it!! Really do, my work off that weekend ay sobrang sulit dahil sayo.

Thank you so much kuya! Labyu tol.


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