How to Watch LATEST Movies Using Android/iOS Device for FREE! – plus HOW TO DOWNLOAD IT TUTORIAL

Yes! You read it right and clear. Imma show you how to watch movies for FREE! and DOWNLOAD them as well too, entirely for FREE!! Yes! F R E E ! Uh huh! 🆓🆓🆓🆓🆓

I know, Netflix is present and we are paying for them too every month. Roughly around $10 a month. Money is not a problem for those who hav ’em but how about those pips who doesn’t want to pay but wants to watch awesome movies might as well watch latest? So, without further ado lemme go ahead and jump right into it. Follow my instructions carefully and you will be watching any movies of your choice sooner or later.

Step 1:

Go to google and search: Movie HD APK download or visit

Step 2:

You will be redirected to the website and click the menu link – Download Movie HD APK if you are using android – click APP link for iOS if you are using Apple device

Step 3:

Since i am using Android imma show steps for android devices only. — Once you clicked the APK link scroll it down until you see download links of the app

Let it download the file..

Step 4:

After downloading, locate the file and install the .apk like the normal installation or if a notice pops up regarding permission. Just allow it so you can install the .apk

Step 5:

After you successfully installed the app, open it right away!

There you go. You successfully installed the app. So the next step will be how you can watch a movie. You just need to install media player that Movie HD requires you to use to stream their movies flawlessly.

How to download it? I’ll show you.

Let’s jump right into it!


Open any movie(any movie! Doesn’t matter for now we just need to download the required element to watch movies.

You’ll see two tabs. First is the movie details and right next to it will be the movie links and mirrors. Click Videos.

For this movie you’ll see two uploaded links one is 1080 other is 720. Choose whatever suits you and resolution that your internet can handle.

Choosing a movie resolution that is higher than your internet can handle will give you buffering and if it’s me it’ll annoy me for fuck sake.

But our internet can handle any movie resolution so no problem with whatever we choose, we usually pick the highest.

After clickin/choosing your desired movie resolution it’ll show you multiple links you can try and click anylinks. It doesn’t matter as long as it works.

After you clicked any mirror links it’ll show you this;

Next, click PLAY STORE

You will be redirected to Google Play Store and Install the AMplayer like a normal app.

After downloading and installing it. It will appear in your homescreen or app drawer and looks like this

You don’t need to open it. It doesn’t matter anyways. It’s just a required app for you to use the main app MovieHD. Just leave it on your phone do not remove it.

VOILA!! There you go. You can now search and watch any movies of your choice. 😎

Have fun! & Enjoy! Don’t forget to share this to your friends.

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