CONVERGE ICT – A Good Internet Investment or a Nightmare?

First of all i am not a Converge subscriber, i made this blog article because i have a friend of mine who is subscribed to converge and as well i am sitting in nicely with Converge Fibr Users facebook community so i think this is the right time to write my thoughts about this promising ISP.

Converge is really like your dream? Very well son, let me tell you a story.

Let’s head on first hand with its bio:
Converge ICT is the fastest growing fiber internet and other digital consumer-centric services provider in the country today. The premium products and services we offer run through the first pure end-to-end fiber internet network in the country.
Our commitment is to provide pure end-to-end fiber internet connection – from our network facilities to your home. Ensuring no loss in data transmission or slowdown in internet connectivity. This means greater speed and bandwidth only capable with Optical Fiber wires, all the way.

Very promising huh?!

On the other hand here’s what is really happening out in the real world.

Thousands of subscriber were having a problem with their internet services from Converge and yet we haven’t heard any testimony from them for what is really is happening on their fibr network. Are they following the footsteps of PLDT when it comes to customer service?

PLDT is better for me in this case, because in times of network problem for example; Undersea cable problem, fibr cut lines,any other serious fibr issues. They will inform their subscriber by posting an update thru facebook page or when you call them they will tell you right away.

But!! With Converge at the moment. I’ve been seeing posts telling that no one is answering their customer service hotline??? What the fuck, or WHY THE FUCK?

ANYWAYS, To be honest! My own point of view. When it comes to fibr connection for me!! For me huh. It really depends on the location, how good the fibr were layed up, how good they were engineered, how good they were setup, how good they were configured.Coz in our situation, in our place. I never heard any complains about our fibr services. Kase marami din naman hindi nag rereklamo sigurado, sila yung mga maayos ang connection, parang ikaw! Pabasa-basa ka lang dito. Kase ngayon dalawang dahilan lang kung bakit nandito ka sa blog ko,

First: Wala kang internet hahahaha kase GGWP si Converge sa location mo, tangina nagbabayad ka at nagbibill pero wala kang nakukuhang service na maayos. Payag kaba nun?

Second: Maganda internet mo at wala kang problema sa Converge. Nakiki chismis ka lang at nagbabasa basa ng mga co-subs mo na nababaliw na sa problema nila sa fibr connection nila.

Sad to say, Converge is still expanding its network. Who knows! Malay mo pag tagal maayos nadin yan. Who KNOWS HAHAHA!

For the record to all who doesn’t know, We’ve been with PLDT since 2017 and sitting on their premium Fibr services and we are satisfied with their internet. Tho customer service hotline sucks? Yes, but their internet is rocking solid here in our location. Going back, PLDT never let us down here in our subdivision. Recently they upgraded our fibr lines i think, they installed a lot of NAP Boxes almost all posts has one.

And now, almost all houses were migrated to PLDT Fibr. Never heard such problems. The only problem of PLDC is their customer service hahahaha fucking noobs.

So, How will Converge respond to their clients needs, Release a statement! Let your subscriber know what’s up with their service.

They’re paying you man! You taking away their money but you’re not giving back what’s supposed to be theirs.

Give them a good and quality service!

Give them your PROMISE to them!

This last part is for their subscribers:Do you think Converge is ignoring you?

You are paying your bills but not getting the services you paid for?

Read this article i made:


Credits to the owners of the photos i screenshot with, taken from converge facebook group.


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