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Catriona Gray of the Philippines reacts as she is crowned the new Miss Universe 2018. Photo: AFP

Who is Catriona Gray?

The Miss Universe 2018 pageant takes places in Thailand Sunday, and many fans of the pageant have their eyes on Philippines’ Catriona Gray. In the Miss Universe preliminaries, the pageant contestant stunned judges and social media with her iconic slow-mo twirl, also known as the “lava walk,” ABS-CBN News reported. On her Instagram page, she […]

Catriona Gray of the Philippines (C) is congratulated by contestants after winning the Miss Universe 2018 on December 17, 2018 in Bangkok. Photo: AFP

What happens when a Filipino wins an international beauty pageant?

Today, Australian-Filipino Catriona Gray walked on stage in Bangkok with the Miss Universe 2018 crown, becoming the fourth candidate from the Philippines to win the most acclaimed pageant on earth. In the west, beauty pageants are seen as sexist and regressive but in the Philippines, winning one is a source of pride for Filipino women […]

How to Establish a good sleeping habits for babies six to nine months

What will my baby’s sleep pattern be at six months? By the age of six months, your baby needs about 14 hours of sleep a day, and may sleep for as long as seven hours at a time. If your baby sleeps for longer, she’s probably waking briefly, but has already worked out how to settle […]


Is using an air conditioner (AC) or cooler safe with a newborn and babies?

Yes it is safe, provided you take a few precautions. Most doctors agree that it is safer to use a cooler or an air conditioner (AC) with a newborn than to let him stay in a hot, airless and humid environment.  Babies, particularly newborns, can’t adjust their body temperature as well as adults. This makes them vulnerable to […]


Most patients not 100% honest with doctors

Between 60 and 80 percent of people surveyed have not been forthcoming with their doctors about information that could be relevant to their health, according to a study. Insights into the doctor-patient relationship came from a national online survey of two populations. One survey captured responses from 2,011 participants, who averaged 36 years old. The […]


How to Stop a Runny Nose Associated with Cold and Allergies

Got a case of the sniffles? Chances are that your nose is running faster than a waterfall. But what is a runny nose exactly? A runny nose is a nasal discharge of mucus. Your doctor might use the term “rhinorrhea” to diagnose your runny nose. “Rhino” is a Greek prefix meaning, “nose,” and “rrhea” means […]